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Top Competencies Where Marketers Need Training

“What are the top competencies where marketers need training?”

The leader of a large marketing organization recently asked me this. It’s a great question. Not only did she seek to prioritize effort and dollars, she also asked the right question. Rather than focusing on the most important competencies to master, she wanted to know the right competencies to train for.

If you’re unsure about where your marketers need training, use this simple WHO-WHAT-HOW construct to help you comprehensively assess their needs:


Do your marketers know how to mine data and insights in order to understand your audiences and how best to connect with them? To think through this, ask yourself:

  • Do they know how and where to access the data?
  • Do they regularly make a point to do so?
  • Do they know how to cut through data density to extract the important takeaways?

Although your organization may have an analytics team who provides data and insights, your marketers must accurately connect with their findings to uncover how relevant they are to your target audience.


Do your marketers know how to create a tight, strategic brief to meet the specific need of a given campaign? Ask yourself:

  • Do the briefs I see (or author) inspire me?
  • Does our team write focused briefs?
  • If applicable: Does our agency think our briefs are clear and inspiring?
  • Do we often suffer rounds of creative review that lead to revisiting the focus of (or lack of) the brief?

In order to unleash the creativity needed to shape the most effective message for your target audience, your team must start with a great brief to achieve campaign goals.


Do your marketers give effective creative feedback and direction? To think about this, ask yourself:

  • Is our creative as powerful as it can be?
  • Are our marketers primarily making executional comments about the work they review?
  • Do we use the brief as a critical tool to determine if the creative is delivering on the strategy?

In addition to creating a more effective campaign, knowing how to give feedback also helps build trust and collaboration on the team.

For the most part, core competencies can—and should—be learned on the job. Due to the fast pace of change in our industry, even the most process-oriented organizations are hard pressed to have their marketers excel in certain areas. For this reason, they require overt training efforts to kick start the competency.

Once you’ve considered the WHO-WHAT-HOW issues above, let’s talk through how to develop a comprehensive training program to address them. It would be my pleasure to help.

Nancie Head Shot-Edit 200x300Noetic teaches engaging and effective live and live webinar-based courses on marketing topics such as:

  • Customer-centric marketing
  • Writing effective Marketing Briefs
  • How to Review Creative effectively
  • Creative problem solving for Marketers
  • And more

Our courses help marketing departments provide a strong marketing foundation for younger employees while providing new skills or refresher courses to more seasoned employees.

We would be delighted to discuss one or more of our marketing trainings with you.

Stories as Sales Tools: Noetic Training Workshop

Stories as Sales Tools: Noetic Training Workshop

It’s official: our brains love a good story. In fact, compelling stories have the power to change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors… but most of us aren’t confident in our ability to craft and tell stories that will move our businesses and careers forward. This can become a serious deficit, since career development involves convincing colleagues to support our initiatives.

Luckily, storytelling can be learned. Noetic developed “Craft a Story to Sell Your Idea,” a training workshop that provides tools and step-by-step directions for crafting powerful stories that will make you more effective in your work.

Recently presented by Noetic president Nancie Ruder at the 4A’s 2016 Stratfest in New York, this training workshop can help you and your team raise your skill level at selling initiatives internally, gaining buy-in and support from peers and superiors, and launching products and services to new audiences. Contact and mention storytelling training to learn more.

Build Up Your Creative Strength. No gym required!

Giving and receiving creative feedback is hard. For creatives, it can be dispiriting to hear your idea nitpicked to death. For marketers, providing relevant, actionable feedback is often a challenge. If you have ever wondered, “How do we work together to develop breakthrough creative?”, use the STRONG Creative Evaluation Tool as a step-by-step guide to help you and your partners develop better, more customer-centric work.

SSingle minded. In order to break through and have your message be remembered, it must be singular, focused, and clear. Ask “What one thing does this creative convey? Is it focused and memorable?”


TTarget relevant. Advertising must be relevant to your target customers for them to engage at all. Ask “Does this creative combine what we want to say as marketers with what our customers are interested in?”


RRiveting. Riveting advertising gets your target’s attention and engages them on an emotional level. Ask ”Will this grab them and make them feel something?”


OOn strategy. Creative that is “on brief” (delivers on the intended message) and “on brand” (supports the brand), is on strategy. Ask “Does this creative deliver on our strategy? Is it appropriately and consistently branded?”


NNew take. The product you’re marketing might not be distinct, but your message and advertising should be. Ask “Will this advertising get noticed? Is it new, fresh and distinctive?”


GGut reaction. Gut reaction is about the emotion that your target customer feels when they see your ad. Put on your customer hat and ask “What emotion does this creative convey? Is it the right emotion for our product and brand?”

If you would like to learn more or to schedule STRONG training for your marketing employees, please contact us at Click below to download the tool:


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