Junior Consultant

Noetic Consultants invites curious, creative, analytical, and passionate Junior Consultant candidates to apply for this project-based role in our marketing-driven, client-focused environment. Upon the establishment of a mutually favorable and harmonious working relationship, you could become a part of Noetic’s core team.

Noetic’s clients require us to have a diverse and fluid skill set. At the highest level, your core functional responsibilities include (but aren’t limited to):
  • Actively leading clients through a scope of work and managing/facilitating client meetings
  • Developing and fielding compelling research and trending approaches
  • Distilling research learnings and insights
  • Understanding and applying Noetic’s strategic frameworks
To deliver on the functional responsibilities above, you have the ability to:
  • Develop, manage and follow through on projects with leadership and masterful account management
  • Translate often ambiguous, complex business challenges into structured, strategic approaches
  • Think quickly on your feet and apply vital problem-solving skills to dynamic business issues
  • Assimilate information speedily and accurately, and articulate critical issues and actionable opportunities with focus and brevity
  • Distill, synthesize and communicate highly complex research findings based on primary and secondary sources, and qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Lead meetings, presentations, and training and facilitation sessions with expertise, poise, and maturity
  • Apply marketing strategy and research methodologies, and translate results into insights and implications
  • Write in a clear, well-organized, client-friendly way (versus business jargon)
  • Understand and leverage Noetic’s existing strategic frameworks, and develop new ones as needed/required
As an ideal JUNIOR CONSULTANT candidate, you:
  • Are based in the Washington, DC metro area
  • Have an undergraduate degree and at least three years of work experience
  • Are fluent in Microsoft Office (.pptx, .xlsx, .docx) and have strong presentation creation and formatting skills
  • Have knowledge and appreciation of digital marketing
  • Have knowledge of primary (qualitative and quantitative) and secondary research and how to analyze results
  • Know how to deliver a high level of client service
  • Are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Are collaborative and team oriented
  • Think in a big picture-to-small picture way, balancing strategic thinking with detail management

Interested candidates should send resumes, timing stipulations and pay requirements to info@noeticconsultants.com. References and work samples may be requested.

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