Our Approach

Our proprietary “I.D.E.A.” methodology outlines the steps it takes to help solve your marketing, brand strategy, research and training challenges, and communicates how we will work with you, what is expected of us, and the tangible outputs and benefits you will receive.

Razor-sharp insights are the foundation of any successful project. We need to know WHY we need to embark on the effort, not just WHAT we want to achieve. To get to these insights, we will absorb any existing research and documents that are available, and gather additional information as appropriate through stakeholder interviews, primary research (qualitative or quantitative) and secondary sources.

We value beginning at the end to create a crystal-clear definition of what you seek to achieve and what is needed to achieve it. To determine this in this phase, we will clearly define what we already know, what we need to know and how we can acquire that new knowledge efficiently to reach the desired end state. Consider this a “blue print” of the project.

Further planning, learning and pressure testing enable a strong draft to evolve into a concrete plan. In this phase, we will help your team develop new strategies, optimize current processes, craft a new plan for your brand or business, or plan a path to teach new skills. Whatever the goal, this finalized plan will be customized to your needs

Great thinking and a strong plan are only valuable if they are successfully executed upon. In this phase, we will help you activate the change you seek. From boardrooms to building websites, we understand the complex and sometimes unexpected paths change requires. We will be your trusted co-pilot on that journey.