Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Ginny!

Ginny Townsend

My name is Ginny and I’m the newest Consultant at Noetic. With a background of 15+ years in the marketing and strategy world, I’m excited to be a part of this powerhouse of a Team. 

As I’ve been telling my personal and professional networks about joining Noetic, the word I keep using to describe this firm is “home.” Finding a culture like Noetic’s and finding a team of driven professionals who feel like kindred spirits is rare and I’m grateful to be here. During the interviewing and onboarding processes, I was struck by the consistent level of thoughtfulness around each interaction, and I continue to be impressed by the level of excellence with which Noetic operates internally and externally.

With an ALM in Finance from Harvard and BA in Marketing Management from Bellevue, my passion lives at the intersection of marketing strategy and finance. This is where great brands remain viable and are able to continue serving their clients at the highest level. 

I’m grateful to have already had a rewarding and engaging career doing in-house marketing, agency-side marketing, and most recently marketing and strategy consulting. In these roles, I’ve had the honor of working with brands large and small that span from financial services and brokerage firms to municipalities, to prestigious universities, and pretty much everything in between. 

In addition to this work, I’m an advisory board member of a legaltech firm, I’m an angel investor, and a Kickstarter Alum. In my free time, I greatly enjoy hiking with my family.

From this varied work, I bring best practices from different industries and my belief in the power of elegant simplicity and “win:win:win” to the Team and its clients. I look forward to working and providing incredible value alongside my fellow best-in-class consultants here at Noetic.

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Noetic News: Welcome to the Team, Madelaine!

Madelaine Santa

Halo, สวัสดีค่ะ (sawadee kha), 你好 (nǐ hǎo)!

My name is Madelaine and I am the latest addition to the team at Noetic. A little bit about me: I was born in Jakarta, but I grew up in Southeast Asia. I lived most of my life in Bali, Bangkok, Singapore and I’m now based in Washington, D.C. I studied Advertising in undergrad and I have over 5 years of experience as a creative professional and general generalist. Some of my passion projects include designing an exhibition for a social entrepreneurship expolaunching a home-cooking app, and directing a zero-waste fashion editorial.

Recently I graduated with a Master’s from Georgetown University, which is where I met Noetic’s founder Nancie McDonell Ruder (she’s an Adjunct Professor in one of my courses). I was about a month away from finishing my program when I discovered that her firm was looking for a Junior Consultant. The position seemed a perfect fit and I knew consulting was an environment where my affinity for being interested in well… everything!! was an asset and not a weakness. 

During the interview process, I was blown away at the caliber of the people on Noetic’s team. Yes, they were smart and experienced professionals, but they were also genuinely kind and empathetic. They saw beyond my relative inexperience and saw that I could bring my drive and enthusiasm to the table. They assured me that I didn’t have to know everything from the get-go. It was more important to stay curious, ask questions, and just be my authentic self. Even though I was the one being interviewed, I left each one feeling more energized and confident in myself.

Two weeks in and I still feel this way every time I speak to my colleagues. They’ve embraced me wholeheartedly and they’re still reminding me to observe and absorb. I’m also delighted to report that at Noetic, the company values aren’t just words on a website. It truly is ingrained into our process. It’s used when communicating with each other and with clients. It’s referred to when we hit a hurdle. Throughout my initial onboarding, my colleagues have exemplified Help & Kindness First by taking the time to Zoom call with me one-on-one and answering my many questions with patience and grace. And on my end, I’ve been working on maintaining a Curious Spirit and Dynamic Positivity as I adjust to my new role. 

Right now, I’m looking forward to navigating the dynamic world of consulting, working with amazing clients, and getting to know the Noetic team better (I’ll be meeting them all in person later this month). Words cannot express how honored I am to be here and I’m excited to utilize my creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for excellence to help build and strengthen brands from the inside out.

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