How baked is your Marketing & Execution Plan? Noetic can help.

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

You want to outline your weekly meal plan, especially to include some new recipes. With so much going on, you realize you don’t have the ingredients you need, or enough time and resources time to actually cook it. When we feel overwhelmed in an area where we want to be more proactive, we tend to backtrack and stick with recipes we already know. But what if you had a sous-chef who would stand alongside you to help you complete the tasks that get you to the dinner table with a great meal? 

The CMO Council recently revealed there is optimism amongst global marketing leaders looking for growth recovery this year. That said, 25% of marketing leaders anticipate they will downsize or restructure their marketing organizations in 2021.

Like delivering great meals, developing and executing your marketing plan requires a sharp vision, clear objectives, and multiple contributors to achieve its goals. Reductions to team sizes across industries have forced many to wear more than just their own chef’s hat. Taking on increased responsibilities have left some with an overflowing plate they can no longer manage.

At Noetic, we can jump right in to bring your brand strategy to life so you can get further faster – because we are not only strategists. We are also practitioners who have the expertise and skills to execute your marketing plan.

What does that mean?

At its most practical level, Noetic can conduct and complete critical day-to-day marketing initiatives like:

  • Developing multi-channel marketing plans to meet sales goals
  • Creating digital content for social platforms
  • Managing creative teams to develop your audio and video campaign materials
  • Devising your SEO strategy
  • Recommending and supporting tracking analytics

We have experience across diverse industries, and we specialize in understanding a brand’s key components. This allows us to whip up tried and true techniques that deliver on your business needs to attract and satisfy your consumers’ tastes.

So, when your plate is full, contact Noetic, and we can talk you through a menu of options on how we can deliver on your marketing plans. What will you order?

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Strength, Positivity, and Optimism – What the Doctor Ordered

Noetic is feeling Fulfilled after a morning coffee with Author and board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Anna Yusim and Lisa Nirell from Energize Growth.  Here are our top takeaways.

  • Prioritize Self-care. Taking care of yourself is more critical today than ever. Doing so allows you to buoy above all the challenges we have through strength, positivity, and optimism.
  • Name your Shadow.  Carl Jung’s research stresses that an individual’s proper goal is, “wholeness, not perfection.” We can often name our shadow by analyzing what we project onto others.
  • Find gifts in the darkness.  Understanding, giving space, and welcoming our shadows can be critical to self-development.  

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” –Carl Jung.

Through coaching training and development, Noetic can help support your leadership or teaming journey into 2021, and beyond.  Find out more HERE.