How do you find the right marketing partner? It’s all about fit.

Photo by William Warby on Unsplash

In these dynamic times, we need a strong strategy, speed, and agility in all of our efforts – and especially with our partners. Sometimes finding the right business partner can even feel like finding the perfect pair of jeans – the discovery process can be challenging – even unappealing, but it can feel magical when you find the perfect fit. Being a boutique consultancy, Noetic can tailor our approach ensuring we are fitting your needs and your culture, ensuring you are strongly positioned for growth.

At Noetic, we meet clients where they are, operating as a partner, coach, and trusted confidante. We don’t just provide off-the-rack options; we work alongside CEOs, CMOs, and industry leaders to accelerate growth on a customized basis. Shaped by your needs, we source our tools, expertise, and solutions to help you and your team achieve your growth objectives through three modalities:

  • PROJECT-BASED ENGAGEMENTS:  Some clients need a concentrated effort in a specific timespan. These efforts are a bit like couture – a perfect custom fit for highly focused, high impact work. Often, they require focus on a particular area in our Brand Building Framework – Defining Your North Star, Identifying Your Brand Distinction, Bringing Your Brand to Life, or Improving Your Brand Performance. Using our Brand Health Diagnostic gives you a holistic view of your brand’s overall health, enabling you to identify where you need help. We work with you to develop a targeted plan to address the needs and accelerate growth.
  • EMPOWER & EDUCATE PROGRAMS: A “classic-fit” is when we help a leader looking to unleash the potential of their team, through curriculum development, training programs, and coaching. With decades of experience across industries, Noetic develops thoughtful learning and development programs for team members and executives, utilizing best practices and industry benchmarks. Noetic is also certified in DiSC to help you and your team members understand your workstyles, how that impacts working with others, and how to lean into similarities and differences to build a more cohesive team unit.
  • OUTSOURCED MARKETING SUPPORT: “Ready-to-wear” is ideal for teams and leaders who need extra arms and legs for creating marketing plans, creating content, managing projects, or other outsourced needs. Whether you have a reduced team or more projects than you can manage, Noetic is here to help. We can supplement your team resources in a hands-on, focused way to meet your daily and near-term objectives, wherever you need it most

As you look towards 2021, we encourage you to think about your perfect fit to achieve your growth goals. Noetic would love to partner with you and know together; we can find that perfect fit. Contact us at

Colorism: How Can Brands Support Progress Towards Social Justice?

Photo credit: Embrace Race

Lori Tharps, Author and Assistant Professor at Temple University, recently partnered with Embrace Race for a discussion on colorism. Not as openly spoken about as racism, colorism refers to a person’s, “preference for or presumed superiority of people based on the color of their skin.” As Noetic amplifies Embrace Race’s cause and efforts, and as we partner with our clients, we are sharing our top four takeaways from this discussion on what businesses and brands can learn from experts on colorism: 

  • Engage in conversation and dialog to support the cause: Racism is often viewed as too taboo to discuss in our society openly. Colorism is even more so as it’s not as widely recognized or understood. It’s important more now than ever to have open conversations about what racial issues mean for our country, our society, your brand, and your customers, and what you’re doing to address it internally and externally. 
  • Demonstrate and celebrate the broader diversity that exists: Within the discussion, Lori referred to an analogy comparing human skin tones to flowers – they come in all different colors, tones, and hues, and they’re all beautiful with a purpose. Artist Angelica Dass created a project taking 4,000 portraits to show the spectrum of human skin colors, exceeding the Pantone Library of colors. Brand communications have a unique opportunity to communicate the inclusivity of a wide range of colors and fuel conversations to normalize the diverse range of skin tones. 
  • Ensure a spectrum of voices and colors in marketing, hiring, and communication tone: Various and valued perspectives should be listened to, represented, and shared. Too often, marketing, advertising, and communications default to an ‘ideal’ homogeneous voice, so it is essential to identify your own biases towards skin colors to affect your future choices and initiatives. For example, a 2006 University of Georgia study found that employers of any race prefer light-skinned black men to dark-skinned black men regardless of their qualifications – recognizing this should be able to inform your hiring process. 
  • Change starts early and at home:  the solution to solving our color problem as a country begins in the home – with parents and their children. From day one, if parents of every color start to celebrate color differences in the human spectrum instead of praising one over the other or pretending we’re all the same, we will enable a more public-facing, cross-cultural dialogue about colorism. 

Noetic believes Embrace Race is an important cause we are proud to support. We continue to educate ourselves and work with our clients to support the movement. We hope you also continue seeking to learn so we can all work together towards inclusivity and equality. Visit Embrace Race’s website and sign up to receive updates and invitations to upcoming webinars.  

From squirrels to pigs to…. Mount Rushmore?

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Noetic and our guests enjoyed hearing Emmy-award winning speaker Joe Schmit (former Minneapolis/St. Paul KSTP Sports TV Director) talk about Influence Through Purpose, Persistence, and Passion.

This virtual event, hosted by Accelerent, enabled us to reconnect with current and former Noetic client leaders to discuss the importance of leadership and the biggest impressions we make on people – especially when we’re not trying to make an impression.

Our thoughtful and entertaining discussion provided great insights into realizing and living our personal values and creating that silent impact on our teams. And we certainly got an ab workout through laughter at some of the analogies shared like:

  • Whenever you encounter negativity, remember – don’t fight with a pig. You will both get dirty, and the pig likes it. 
  • Some days you’re the squirrel who dodges the oncoming car; some days, you get hit. The important thing is to prepare yourself, avoid getting hit, pick yourself back up when you do, and learn from it.
  • Who packs your parachute every day?
  • Especially now, leaders need to make those extra efforts to be human and connect with their teams personally. Being sympathetic and empathetic are essential in the new normal, but they’re also generally core behaviors of effective leaders.

And finally, when you think back on the four people who have had the most significant impact on your life and how you lead it, could you name them? At the end of the day, who would be on your Mount Rushmore? And whose Mount Rushmore would you be on?