This week on Noetic’s Covid Marketing Leader Q&A series we are happy to feature Meredith Conte, VP Marketing at TEGNA . Meredith shares the ways in which TEGNA has been handling crisis both internally and with clients. Their team worked proactively to communicate with clients, who required a swift pivot to maintain relevancy in the ever changing news environment.   

Here are some tips Meredith shared for marketers during a crisis:

  1. Remember the brand basics of brand building during recessionary behavior. Stay present and maintain your share of voice; Adapt the message to be relevant; Account for changes in consumer behavior.
  2. One size does not fit all. Local story first – what different cities and states are dealing with during this crisis greatly varies. Make sure you think about what’s happening in different geographies and people’s mindsets.
  3. Real time marketing is here to stay – the story is fluid and always changing. The industry is constantly change and we need to think about how to make real time marketing part of operational capabilities.
  4. Consumer behavior and expectations are going to change. For example, patients are now expecting to have the option of telehealth appointments. People being at home are doing more home-based behaviors.  
  5. Ask yourself, “how do you want to be remembered?” 6 months or a year from now. What experience do you want your stakeholders to take away or recall? Use that as guidance to make decisions rather than getting stuck in the present.

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Noetic is excited to share our latest Q&A series discussion around what senior leaders are doing to extend their brand and share advice with other marketers within their industry and beyond. Today’s episode features Michelle Russo, Chief Communications Officer at the US Chamber of Commerce

Here are five tips from Michelle on how to handle communications during times of crisis. 

  1. Appreciate the highly emotionally charged environment we’re living in. Emotional arguments are drowning out rational ones. It’s more important than ever to be as clear as possible with your messaging and be aware of what competing messages are saying.
  2. Be true to your mission. A deep understanding of your value proposition and the unique value you add to people’s lives is crucial to be able to cut through the clutter.
  3. Acknowledge the situation, but don’t dwell on it. There is a COVID information overload and it’s important to set your brand apart by aligning your messaging and advertising with your mission.
  4. Break up the crisis into phases to prevent being overwhelmed. For example, the Chamber of Commerce phased their work into Emergency Triage, Mitigate the Impact through Advocacy and Education.
  5. Super-serve your stakeholders. To help businesses of all sizes navigate uncertainty, the US Chamber has launched several support initiatives.  To learn more about these valuable events, check out  the Chamber of Commerce website for weekly events.

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Marketing Effectively in Crisis

Thank you for joining us for our first Noetic webinar event – Marketing Effectively in Crisis.

Friends and Colleagues,

As we navigate these uncharted waters with new challenges every day, how do we ensure that we market our company/brands in the most effective way possible? You may know you need to adjust your marketing for this new environment but are not sure how to do so. Or perhaps you have adjusted and feel you must adjust again. How can you be best prepared?

Noetic offered a free webinar to address these challenges including:

· How can we promote our services, without seem self-serving or “tone deaf”?

· Our customers’ needs have changed; how do we best serve them today?

· We have had to pivot our offering; how should we promote this to current or future customers?

· Should we be investing in marketing at all right now, given financial difficulties, or save this investment until after the crisis passes?

Thanks to those who were able to attend our first live webinar. If you were unable to attend or you’d like more information on our toolkit or our approach to marketing during crisis please reach out to Noetic Consultants at